Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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Additional SD Card

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  • Sandisk-gb
  1. #sdcard
  2. $25.00

You now have the opportunity to order an additional or replacement SD card for your iFly GPS.   Ever wanted to have a back-up Data Card so you can just cycle your old and new SD cards. 

Maybe you need a replacement SD card as yours has become corrupted. Possibly you just want to increase the size of your 4gb SD card to a larger 8gb or 16gb SD card with all the preloaded data on it.  You can even get an extra copy of iFly Streets if you want.

This is just what you have been waiting for.  Update your SD card at your home or office with iFly Connect and then take your undated card to the airplane.  Always having an updated card and a backup card has never been so easy. 




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