Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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Multi-Platform Upgrade

iFlyGPS Universal Subscription
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  • iFlyGPS Universal Subscription
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  1. #univ_upgrade
  2. $19.99

This Upgrade requires a current VFR or IFR Data Subscription.  Download the App Below:


Please make sure you are logged in at the time of purchase and we will add the "Multi-Platform Upgrade" to your account.  

This item is not mailed to you.  Please allow 24 business hours for us to add iFly Devices.


Our Multi-Platform Upgrade allows your current subscription to be used in conjunction with our new iFly GPS for iPad and Android App.  One subscription will now update a combination of three devices: iPads, Androids and dedicated devices like the iFly 520 and 700/720/740, giving you even more value than our competitors.


This new Multi-Platform Upgrade benefits new and existing customers by providing new options for saving pilots on multiple subscriptions and allowing for future Tablet-to-iFly integration.  Existing iFly 520 and 700/720 can add this option to their account for only $19.99 more. This also applies to iPad owners wanting to add an iFly device. 

It's as Simple as 1 - 2 - 3

  1. Login to your existing VFR or IFR Subscription or Purchase one if you don't already have one. 

  2. Purchase this Multi-Platform Upgrade to add an Android, iPad or an additional iFly to your account.

  3. For iPad: Download iFly GPS from the App Store and login under the "Obtain Subscription" option in the Menu.  For additional iFly device, report your serial number in the Add Serial Number option above. 

  4. For Android: Download iFly GPS from the Play Store and login under the "Subscribe / Register" option in the Menu.  For additional iFly devices, report your serial number in the Add Serial Number option above. 

It's that simple.  Your iPad or Android app will be linked to your existing VFR or IFR data subscription. Additionally, your iFly GPS models will be added to your account so you can update those as well. 

*The Multi-Platform subscription is intended for use by one indivudual with multiple devices. Sharing a Data Subscription with other pilots is not permitted. 




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